Mineral Water Filter Singer Product

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Type Water Filter
Total Capacity 20 Liters
Purified Storage Capacity 15 Liters
Filter Type Cartridge Filter
Filtration System 4 Steps Filtration System
Body / Surface Material Light Weight Plastic
Special Features Made Of Highly Compressed Ceramic Substances, Enrich Minerals And Oxygen, Water’s Nutrients, Controlling Water’s PH To Keep It Balance
Made In Malaysia
Colors Grey
Weight 4 Kg
Other Information Together with the increase of diseases like cholera and typhoid, the concern for health and sanitation has increased in the society. Clean drinking water is playing a major role in this. In many areas even the quality of ground water is not so good due to the presence of chemicals and hardness. Therefore the Natural Mineral water system that we are introducing with a 4-stage filter cartridge together with 3 levels of filtering is an ideal solution for this situation and this is a growing product category. The Cartridge filter composed of natural materials such as Activated Carbon, Zeolite, Silica Sand and Mineral Sand. It is the most important part of the water purifier. This removes Chlorine, radioactive substances, detergents, agriculture chemicals, odors, color and other chemicals.

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15Ltr, 20Ltr


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